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Badges and Titles List
« on: July 21, 2020, 03:50:51 am »

Get the "Beta Tester" Badge for participating in the Beta Test.

Get the "Day 1" Badge for being one of the first 200 Members to create an account.

Get the "HODL" Badge for uploading an Avatar to your profile.

Get the "Such WOW" Badge for Giving someone a "Such Wow" rating on their post.

Get the "Doge" Badge for making your first post.

Get the "Doge with Gun" Badge for making 10 posts.

Get the "Thug Life Doge" Badge for making 50 posts.

Get the "To the Moon" Badge for creating/starting a new Topic.

Get the "Dogecoin Millionaires" Badge for becoming a Dogecoin Millionaire.

more badges to come soon

Titles / Ranks

Everyone starts off as a "Dogecoin Army Private"

Level up to "Dogecoin Army Private First Class" by making 50 posts.

Level up to "Dogecoin Army Corporal" by making 100 posts.

Level up to "Dogecoin Army Sergeant" by making 250 posts.

Level up to "Dogecoin Army General" by making 500 posts.

Level up to "Master Commander in Training" by making 777 posts.

Level up to "6 Star Doge Master Commander" by making 1000 posts.

Level up to "Global Doge Defense 10 Star Commander" by making 2000 posts.
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